“Solidarity With the Ukrainian People”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 13, 2022
“Solidarity With the Ukrainian People”

Statement by presidents Zelenskyy and Macron on current challenges and solutions

On December 13, an international conference Solidarity With the Ukrainian People took place in Paris. The Ukrainian delegation included first lady Olena Zelenska and PM Denys Shmyhal. President Zelenskyy traditionally took part online. As part of his speech, the president outlined 6 main points that will help Ukraine survive the winter and prove to terrorist-minded states how Europe can defend itself.

  1. The need for transformers, equipment for the restoration of high-voltage networks, gas turbine and gas piston power units. The estimated cost of the entire required package is €800 million. However, a potential shutdown in a country that is part of the European market will cost more;
  2. Emergency support of the Ukrainian energy system by the European energy system;
  3. Involvement of European observers for the energy systems of Ukraine by analogy with the IAEA missions;
  4. Assistance in the purchase of ≈ 2 billion m³ of gas;
  5. Possible agreement on the purchase of LED lamps for Ukraine;
  6. The Paris mechanism is a permanent mechanism for responding to acts of energy terror by Russia.

For his part, Emmanuel Macron, as president of the host state, noted the courage of the Ukrainian people and the meanness of the Russian military leadership.

"With every victory of Ukraine on the ground, Russia reacts vilely, striking at the electrical, gas, and water infrastructure necessary for the survival of people in the winter. He does this with a clear goal: to sow terror among civilians in response to military defeats," Emmanuel Macron. The president said that this tactic will not go unpunished.

Today in the afternoon, the forum French-Ukrainian Conference on Resilience and Recovery starts. More than 500 representatives of French business and commerce will take part in the forum.

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