Spain Ready to Hand Over “Leopard A4” Tanks to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Spain Ready to Hand Over “Leopard A4” Tanks to Ukraine

In addition to tanks, Spain for the 1-st time will transfer anti-aircraft missile launchers and train Ukrainian soldiers in handling new equipment

According to the Spanish government, the state is ready to reach a new level of military support for Ukraine. Previously, the kingdom transferred only ammunition, personal protective equipment and light weapons to Ukraine, but now Ukraine will receive heavy weapons.

The state changed its attitude towards supporting Ukraine in the direction of strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine after prime minister Pedro Sanchez arrived in Kyiv on April 21, visited destroyed by Russia Bucha and Irpin, and met with president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"On the same day, the army ship Isabelle sailed from El Ferrol with 200 tons of ammunition and missile support. It also transported 30 trucks and ten cars, which traveled 800 kilometers on Polish roads to deliver materials to the receiving base of the Ukrainian Ministry of defense. The consignment, according to Sanchez, was "more than double" the amount of material sent by the 11 military transport flights so far," reports El Pais Espana.

Today, the Spanish Ministry of defense is completing the delivery of a battery of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems Shorad Aspide to Ukraine. The shipment will be completed after negotiations through a cell in Stuttgart (Germany), which is responsible for coordinating military assistance to Ukraine. Negotiations are necessary to avoid equipment shortages, duplication of others, and provision of replacements to donor countries.

Today there are 140.000 refugees from Ukraine in Spain. 116.00 received the status of international protection. "The process was well organized," said Pedro Sanchez.

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