Spain to Supply Ukraine with Latest ASCOD Infantry Fighting Vehicles

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Spain to Supply Ukraine with Latest ASCOD Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Spain is moving forward with plans to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the latest ASCOD infantry fighting vehicles, a move that underscores the deepening military cooperation between the two nations

These vehicles will be produced by General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) in Spain.

Production Proposal and Government Assessment

General Dynamics European Land Systems has submitted a proposal to the Spanish government to manufacture 50 ASCOD infantry fighting vehicles annually for Ukraine. This proposal follows the signing of a security agreement between Spain and Ukraine in May, which includes $1 billion in military aid. According to El Comercio, the proposal is currently under review by the Spanish authorities.

Strategic and Economic Implications

For the Spanish government, this order represents more than just military aid to Ukraine; it is an investment in Spain's own defense capabilities. By commissioning these vehicles from domestic manufacturers, Spain boosts its defense industry, ensuring technological advancement and job creation within the sector.

About ASCOD Infantry Fighting Vehicles

The ASCOD (Austrian Spanish Cooperative Development) is a highly versatile tracked platform with a weight capacity of up to 42 tons, allowing it to be equipped with automatic cannons or similar heavy weaponry. Its modular design supports various configurations, making it suitable for different combat roles.

Key Features of ASCOD:

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 42 tons
  • Weapon Mounting: Capable of mounting automatic cannons and other similar armaments
  • Modularity: Supports various configurations for different combat roles

Potential for Local Production in Ukraine

In a related development, Ukrainian Armored Vehicles has been exploring the possibility of producing ASCOD vehicles domestically. Representatives from Ukrainian Armored Vehicles, in collaboration with the Czechoslovak Group, visited GDELS production facilities in Spain. Ukrainian military personnel have also tested the ASCOD to evaluate its performance and capabilities.

Strengthening Defense Ties

This move to supply ASCOD infantry fighting vehicles is part of broader efforts to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities amidst ongoing conflicts. It also highlights Spain's commitment to supporting Ukraine through substantial military aid and technological collaboration.

The potential local production of ASCOD vehicles in Ukraine signifies a strategic shift towards self-reliance and enhanced defense capabilities for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This initiative could pave the way for increased cooperation and shared technological advancements between Spain and Ukraine.


The impending supply of ASCOD infantry fighting vehicles from Spain to Ukraine marks a significant step in the military partnership between the two countries. It reflects Spain's strategic investment in its defense industry while bolstering Ukraine's military strength. As the proposal undergoes government assessment, both nations look forward to the positive impacts this collaboration will bring to their defense sectors.

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