Start of Production of Ukrainian Long-Range UAVs

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 10, 2023
Start of Production of Ukrainian Long-Range UAVs

Ukrainian company "AeroDrone" starts the production of 2 types of drones

Partner of the Ukrainian project AeroDrone Dmytro Shymkyv said that mass production of uncrewed aerial vehicles launched. The mass release of drones covers 2 types of models that have already been tested and certified. Ukrainian models D-80 Discovery and E-300 Enterprise can have different purposes.

D-80 Discovery is a small model weighing 80 kg. E-300 Enterprise is a large model weighing 300 kg. Both vehicles are capable of flying distances of at least 1000 km. But the manufacturer notes that the radius of work can be increased. 

"If you set the tank to 350 l, you can even increase the distance to 3.100 km. Here you can vary: the drone has a payload. Part goes for fuel, and part – for cargo. That is, the range of the flight is regulated depending on the flight's objectives," said Dmytro Shymkyv.

The cost of one device also depends on the purpose of the model chosen by the customer. The price limits are set at $250.000-$450.000.

AeroDrone has already signed a contract with the ministry of defence of Ukraine and is negotiating with a foreign company to launch production in Poland.

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