The State Encourages IT

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Thursday, February 3, 2022
The State Encourages IT

The Ministry of digital transformation is opening a set of training programs in the field of open data

The Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine invites everyone to join the training on open data for beginners. The intensive will be useful for anyone who wants to learn how open data can help in everyday affairs, create new opportunities for business development, civil society, and the state in general.

Open Data Intens for Beginners will take the form of a webinar. Participation in the training is free.

The Ministry of digital transformation will also take part in a webinar on the analysis and visualization of open data in Microsoft Excel and Power BI. This training program is designed for analysts, researchers, journalists, representatives of public organizations, and just interested people who have a basic level of Microsoft Office software.

The aim of the courses is to develop skills of effective analysis and visualization of data to solve various management problems.

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