Startup in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, December 3, 2021
Startup in Ukraine

A startup is a newly created company that builds its business on innovation: ideas, the latest product in engineering, technology, labor organization, or innovative technologies

With the help of the development of sports companies in Ukraine, the issue of small and medium-sized businesses is being solved, which in the future will become large companies and will have science-intensive products and a developed business sector.

To begin with, let's define the stages of development of startups:

  • Idea (definition of the purpose and the purpose of a startup: the purpose – creation of a new product or service, the purpose – realization of any atypical project differing in novelty);
  • Starting stage – formation of a working business model of a startup;
  • Growth – expanding the range, entering the market;
  • Expansion – startup entry into new markets, expansion of the target audience;
  • Exit – venture investors, leave the startup (those who invest the startup at the initial stage, when it is risky), replaced by strategic investors (a person or commercial institution that invests money and other assets to preserve and increase them).

Also, probably the most important stage in developing a startup is its financing. There are several ways to finance a startup. The first option that usually occurs in the startup's history is investing personal savings. Also, beginners often use the money of parents or friends borrow. 

The following popular way to raise money is crowdfunding, i.e., voluntary collection of funds and other resources for events or creating objects and values of social, social, political, cultural, scientific orientation. Crowdfunding is most often conducted over the Internet. It is characterized by precise goal setting, the announcement of the required amount, budgeting or costing, and informing the meeting participants openly.

So how to run your startup?

A good idea is where any successful startup starts. Some people generate such ideas with enviable consistency. A good idea is where any successful startup starts. Some people generate such ideas with desirable consistency. But for you, as a beginner, a good option would be to write down each of your thoughts in a notebook.

Then, after you find an idea, you need to understand this topic 100% and become a professional so that investors can trust you and invest in your business development.


When offering an investor to invest in a project, the startup should present it to the best of its ability. That is, a potential investor must see the originality of the idea and a well-designed business plan to promote the product, service, technology to market. And the second is even more important because no matter how original the idea is, without a detailed action plan, money for its development can not be obtained without clear claims to make a profit, fast or long-term.


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