Startup to Help Recognize Whether Your Video Will Become Popular on “YouTube”

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Startup to Help Recognize Whether Your Video Will Become Popular on “YouTube”

Whether people will like a new film, advertisement, or video, you can find out even before their release – the Ukrainian company “Wantent” is able to predict the success or failure of content.


The platform's artificial intelligence analyzes the reaction and emotional engagement of the viewer, thus assessing the effectiveness of the video. The program is already used by online cinemas, video production, TV channels, and marketing agencies.

Today Wantent has managed to attract about half a million dollars in investments and is conducting audience research in the US, Europe, and India markets.  

To find out whether people will like the final product, many companies use classical focus groups, questionnaires, or even research with helmets – Wantent decided to combine these methods and automate them using artificial intelligence.  

Vasyl Khmelnitsky tested Wantent technologies on the example of an advertisement for a Kia car – in the video, a girl is naively trying to save nature, including buying a car that minimally damages the environment. In order for the program to recognize the user's gaze and eyes, at the beginning of the test, you must follow the dot on the blue screen.

Usually, before watching, the viewer is asked to fill out a questionnaire, but Shaldenko interviewed Khmelnytskyi orally. I found out what he pays attention to when buying a car and whether he watched advertisements for purchased cars. As the head of the company explained, it is very valuable for any agency that deals with research to receive such information from a businessman.

According to him, after watching the program, it analyzes the reaction and subsequently gives information about which moments the viewers liked and which ones they didn’t.

Important points to remember when creating video content:

  • The viewer reacts negatively to excessive gestures;
  • Any staged situations cause rejection because honesty is more popular on YouTube;
  • You need to be careful with subscription requests;
  • One of the triggers may be the raising of sensitive topics;
  • In videos, you must not show hypocrisy, aggression, and disrespect;
  • The topic of credits in YouTube videos also generates negative reactions.

In the future, with technologies similar to Wantent, large companies like Netflix will better understand their audiences and produce relevant content for the - films that they will definitely like.

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