Steps Taken by Ukrainian Volunteers in Waste Management

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 28, 2022
Steps Taken by Ukrainian Volunteers in Waste Management

Ukrainian volunteers use easy ways to attract people to the complex problem of sorting garbage

Many volunteers say you just have to start doing something good for the environment, and then the proper habits will emerge on their own. However, they do not avoid advice on how to begin sorting garbage and carrying out complex work with people around them.

Ukrainian eco-activists understand that financial investments are needed to sort the garbage in the house. For example, buying special tanks. However, volunteers suggest trying to create special cells on their own or using old boxes, large packages. That should be enough to instill a habit.

The second step on the way to work with Ukrainians' consciousness becomes regular leaflets in social networks and portals. Small advertising brochures tell people how they can help nature. For example, if they are not ready to sort trash, other paths can be chosen. Instead of buying drinks in plastic cups and bottles, buy a thermos or a thermos. An excellent alternative to plastic bags is the eco shopper. It is also possible to purchase products in paper or glass containers.

The third step is to attract young people. Young Ukrainians are the easiest to tell about what waste habits need to change. The movement is being promoted through social media.

For example, the Ukrainian volunteer Bohdana Rushchak promotes the issue of garbage sorting in messengers but has also created a special portal. There, she talks about the benefits of sorting trash, giving everything a second life, and where to turn it. 

A student teaches such a simple business to the residents of Drohobych (Lviv region) at a new city sorting station. Moreover, Bohdana as a volunteer, does all this for free. After all, the best pay for this kind of work will be the result that other people in the country will show. This is why activists offer organizations free garbage removal or convenient rental of sorting tanks and also promote projects to clean and remove batteries, plastic covers, and other materials.

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