Supplementing the IT Industry With a Progressive Ukrainian Project

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Supplementing the IT Industry With a Progressive Ukrainian Project

“I-Dolina” will help foreign companies to get qualified assistance for starting a business

Ukrainian IT specialists founded project I-Dolina. The key priority tasks of the non-governmental program are to strengthen international relations. I-Dolina has already launched cooperation efforts with China, and the program’s database includes 300 participants. The participants are Ukrainian experts in various fields. They were gathered together to offer their services as Chinese business consultants. Thus, any person from China can already use the resource for his or her purposes: to get information about the needs of the Ukrainian market, investments, training, etc. In addition, I-Dolina can provide support in accounting, legal and economic matters.

The program’s founder recently spoke at the press conference of the Ukrainian news agency Interfax-Ukraine and told about his plans. "Our cooperation with other countries is crucial, and we look forward to starting it with a large number of countries in the nearest future. It is a very important step towards opening such full-cycle technology parks in Ukraine, starting with universities", he said.

Meanwhile, the new Ukrainian project continues to form a research complex that will later help improve international relations, the ecosystem of business processes, and the stages of development of new IT companies.

Ukrainian IT-resources rating

It should be pointed out that the I-Dolina project is hardly the first in Ukraine. The demand for IT technology has increased in the country in the last few years. This is because Ukrainian specialists became valued not only for domestic businessmen but also for foreign customers. Today, most of the foreign income for Ukrainian projects and programs comes from the USA, Germany, Canada. There are also progressive professionals working with the United Kingdom and Israel.

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