Switzerland Wants Gas and Oil Transferred Only Through Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 19, 2022
Switzerland Wants Gas and Oil Transferred Only Through Ukraine

The parliament of Switzerland spoke for the transit of Russian gas and oil exclusively through Ukraine

The Landon publishing house Guildhall reports that a member of the foreign affairs committee, Nicolas Walder offered a "punishment" for the aggressor country and a "benefit" for Ukraine. The politician noted that European countries are forced to buy gas and oil from the Russian Federation. Nicolas Walder believes that the transit of these products should take place through Ukrainian pipelines. This step is necessary so that the process of buying from Russia goods from which Europe seeks to give up does not look like a betrayal of Ukraine or "sitting on 2 chairs".

"Progressive Western sanctions on Russian oil and gas have already had an effect and will affect the Russian economy even more in the coming months. After all, the West accounts for the lion's share of world oil and gas consumption. For those products that we are still buying but want to refuse, these are Russian oil and gas, and could be obliged to transit them exclusively through Ukraine," Nicolas Walder said.

At the time, the politician noted that he understood the complexity of the process.

The proposal by a Swiss foreign affairs committee member is not the first. Earlier, the parliament of Finland said that forcing Russia to transit fuel through Ukraine would affect the course of the war. Therefore, Finland supports the mandatory export of Russian goods through Ukraine.

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