Taiwan Bombers for Ukrainian Military

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 26, 2022
Taiwan Bombers for Ukrainian Military

The "Bild" announced the transfer of 800 new "Revolver 860" drones from Taiwan for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The source reports that the Ukrainian armed forces received 800 short-range drones, Revolver 860. Previously, the media announced the appearance in Ukraine of these drone bombers. But the Ukrainians have not yet officially commented on receiving military assistance from Taiwan.

The Revolver 860 drone is capable of carrying 8 mortar charges on board. Receiving a signal, the uncrewed aerial vehicle shoots the projectiles one by one. The drone can operate no more than 20 km from the point of delivery. The air weapon can reach 20 km in 40 minutes, carrying 8 mortar shells. If a drone has fewer shells, its movement in the air is much faster.

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