Ten Deals of the Year

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, December 31, 2021
Ten Deals of the Year

2021 accelerated growth of the IT industry, the space of venture investments

Reasons for the growth in the number of successful startups

  • The market has finally got its own success stories (exits, big rounds).
  • The coronavirus opened the doors of Western agents for Ukrainian projects, who suddenly found themselves within the distance of a Zoom call.
  • The Ukrainian ecosystem has been filled with many Belarusian startups and specialists with a strong product background.

According to Evgeny Sysoev, Managing Partner of a Ventures Capital, the three agreements in 2021 in the Ukrainian venture capital market are:

  • The first Ukrainian decacorn — Grammarly (a startup with a $10 billion valuation);
  • IPO of GitLab;
  • Sale of the Depositphotos company.

The biggest investment rounds of the year:

1. Grammarly raised $200 million with a valuation of $13 billion. In November, the company attracted investments of $200 million. Business valuation exceeded $13 billion.

2. Firefly Aerospace received about $200 million in investments. The aerospace company of Ukrainian entrepreneur Max Polyakov raised $200 million (round A) in May 2021.

3. Ukrainian People.ai raised $100 million and became a unicorn. The American-Ukrainian company received $100 million during the new round of Series D than its rating in it exceeded $1.1 billion. A couple of years ago, the company was valued at $400 million. Among People.ai clients, which develops AI for sales: AppDynamics DataRobotIvantiOktaZoom and others. Thanks to its partnership with Zoom, its revenue has tripled during the pandemic.

4. Startup airSlate (formerly PDFfiller) raised $40 million to $50 million. In January 2021, workflow startup airSlate announced a $40 million investment from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and other funds. And a month later — another 50 million dollars from the Silicon Valley bank. At that time, the company had about 600.000 customers and 25 million users worldwide.

5. Preliminarily raised $35 million, among the investors are the founders of Booking and Unity. In March 2021, the Ukrainian company Preply, developed an educational marketplace, announced an investment round of $35 million. The company was founded back in 2013, and this round exceeded everything in its entire history.

6. Revenue Grid raised $20 million. By 2020, the Revenue Grid company was called InvisibleCRM, founded by the famous Ukrainian entrepreneur Vlad Voskresensky. The company is developing a SaaS platform for automated sales.

7. Ukrainian SOC Prime raised $11 million in investments. In October 2021, the SOC Prime startup team announced $11 million from Streamaled Ventures and Rembrandt Venture Partners. The service brings together cybersecurity experts and pays them a reward for using their content.

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