The 8th Package of US Military Assistance Within the USAI 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, July 20, 2023
The 8th Package of US Military Assistance Within the USAI 

Air defence, drones, ammunition, radars, etc., for $1.3 bln

The United States provides Ukraine with a new package of military aid. The weapons will be provided as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, meaning they will not be withdrawn from the Pentagon's stockpiles but purchased directly from the manufacturer. The contract amount equals $1.3 billion but can change according to the cost of weapons and other conditions.

What is expected:

  • VAMPIRE air defence systems from L3Harris Technologies;
  • AVEVEX Phoenix Ghost drone;
  • Switchblade drone from AeroVironment Inc;
  • Anti-drones from Australian DroneShield Ltd;
  • Radars, shells, projectiles, sensors, analysis systems, and other defence equipment.

The delivery is planned for the term "as soon as possible", but, of course, depends on the availability of equipment and production terms.

In 2023, the DoD, through USAI, provided military aid to Ukraine for more than $10.8 billion. This batch of assistance will already be the 8th.

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