There’s War at Home — Sex Slavery Abroad

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 24, 2022
There’s War at Home — Sex Slavery Abroad

The European Union was able to apprehend intruders who sold Ukrainian refugees into slavery

Moving to another country because you have a war at home doesn't mean things are going to get better. A few weeks after the Russian invasion and the beginning of the evacuation of civilians, cases of missing people became known. Women and children were most likely to go missing abroad.

Law enforcement in 14 EU countries prevented such crime and was able to find Internet resources related to the kidnapping of Ukrainians. Investigators found nine shameful cases of human trafficking. Also, during the case were established 9 citizens of Ukraine who could have been victims of traffickers. The detainees pretended to be volunteers and promised to help Ukrainians with housing abroad. There are also cases when Ukrainians were offered profitable photo sessions, comfortable accommodation, and work to ensure a promising future in any EU country.

Europol's press service reported that the kidnappers were trying to sell the labor or sexual services of "Ukrainian slaves". The absence of men alongside Ukrainian women contributed to the abduction process. The success of the crime was also influenced by the "clouded minds" of the victims, who wanted to avoid the war and the crimes of the Russian army.

There are now 15 investigations and processes underway to return victims to their homes or places of safety.

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