The Amount of Investments in Industrial Parks in Ukraine is $32 million

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, December 3, 2021
The Amount of Investments in Industrial Parks in Ukraine is $32 million

The total amount of investments in new projects of industrial parks in Ukraine is $32 million

This was announced by the head of the parliamentary committee for economic development Dmytro Natalukha during the III Forum of Industrial Parks in Kyiv.

In less than three months, 24 industrial parks started construction in Ukraine. Some have already been built, some in the document preparation stage. Somewhere the city authorities have already allocated land, somewhere design is underway. The total declared investment in these 24 projects is $32 million. The area of ​​these parks is 557 hectares.

Natalukha noted that laws #5688 and #5689, establishing tax and customs incentives for participants in industrial parks, can be adopted in the first reading by the end of the year.

As reported, the law on industrial parks, adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on September 7, provides for full or partial compensation of the interest rate from the budget on loans for IP participants. The possibility of financing from the budget for connecting power grids to parks and compensation for connecting to networks in the parks themselves.

The law provides an order to the government for the next and following four years to provide for expenditures for at least $32 million per year to implement budget programs to support individual entrepreneurs.

At present, 52 industrial parks have already been included in the register of industrial parks, management companies have been elected in 25, but only eight have attracted participants (15 participants in total).


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