The Biggest World’s NFT Ukrainians Dedicated to Elon Musk

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 10, 2022
The Biggest World’s NFT Ukrainians Dedicated to Elon Musk

Ukrainian startup "Keiki" created the world's largest NFT as a gift to Elon Musk in gratitude for his help to Ukraine

The image from edtech startup Keiki is called The Big Thank You Elon and is 30.000x30.000 pixels. The image is a collage of 20 drawings by Ukrainian refugee children, depicting portraits of Elon Musk, flags of Ukraine, and sketches of young artists about Ukraine. You see it on the cover of this article.

"On February 27, 3 days after Russia invaded Ukraine, Musk announced that Starlink had been activated in Ukraine and that terminals were heading into the country. This happened at the official request of the Ukrainian authorities. Starlink has been very helpful in establishing communications in war-affected regions. Zelenskyy publicly thanked Musk. But we believe that this is not enough to show our Ukrainian generosity and hospitality. Therefore, we decided to make the largest NFT in history, fill it with good people, children, and bring this warmth to Elon Musk," Keiki commented on their creation.

Before the Ukrainian record, The First 5000 Days was the largest NFT: 21.069×21.069 pixels.

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