The Bucha Ripper Identified 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 2, 2022
The Bucha Ripper Identified 

On May 2, was identified the Russian soldier, who tortured and killed about 10 residents of Bucha

Prosecutor general Irina Venediktova published information about the performer #Bucha Massacre on her Facebook account. Sergey Kolotsey, 35, soldier of the Russian guard. On March 18, he tortured to death and then shot at least 4 civilians in the back of the head in Bucha. Before killing unarmed men, Sergei Kolotsey dragged them into the basement, beat them with the butt of a machine gun and by military knife. Kolotsey took his victims out of the city and said that they would be executed at this place. Simulating the massacre, Kolotsey shot at the Ukrainians a few millimeters from their ears. Sophisticated mockery, which only a Russian is capable of: Kolotsey and his accomplices forced the Ukrainians to sniff the decaying corpse of the previously killed residents of Bucha. After the executioner shot down the Ukrainians, he threw them on the road. You can see three of the Ukrainians killed by the Russian butcher on the photo below.

Kolotsey took pleasure in bullying peaceful Ukrainians. Torturing civilians, the butcher demanded that they confess in sabotaging against Russia and the Russian army.

“Russian guardsmen were charged with mistreatment of civilians and other violations of the laws and customs of war combined with premeditated murder. Now there is a check of participation of Kolotsej in other murders”.

Kolotsey was also captured on camera at the SDEK post office in Belarus, where he sent home to Ulyanovsk the loot in Ukraine.

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