The Campaign “Light and Heat for Ukraine” Estonia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 23, 2022
The Campaign “Light and Heat for Ukraine” Estonia

Estonia to transfer 13 electric generators and buses to Ukraine

Estonian foreign minister Urmas Reinsalu said that his country should provide military and political support to Ukraine and ensure the normal functioning of Ukrainian society.  Estonia will, therefore, soon provide humanitarian assistance to reduce the impact of the war on ordinary people.

The Estonian branch of the international charity club Lions held an action in support of Ukraine —  Light and Heat for Ukraine. The organisation's press service reported that Estonians donated enough money to buy electric generators. Ukrainians need a device to generate electricity to survive the blackouts due to Russian attacks on power supply facilities. Estonia will transfer 13 generators in the next few days, making Ukraine a step further from a total blackout.

Also, the state of Northern Europe will transfer 27 city buses and 2 ambulances. The portal ERR reports this. Public transport is necessary for the country to maintain regular urban traffic — blackouts force subways, trams, and trolleybuses to stop, preventing people from reaching home and work. Recall that Kyiv has already introduced electric transport cuts to increase the number of buses and black taxis. This allows people to keep their plans and the country to save energy.

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