The EU Parliament Equalized Ukrainian Driver ID to European

Friday, July 8, 2022
The EU Parliament Equalized Ukrainian Driver ID to European

On July 7, the European Parliament legalized the Ukrainian driver's license on the territory of the EU

14 days ago, the European Commission proposed simplifying the procedure for maintaining a Ukrainian driver's license in the EU. Now a refugee in the status of temporary protection of any EU country is not required to exchange his driver's license for an EU license or retrain at a driving school but can participate in traffic if he has a Ukrainian license. In case of loss of a Ukrainian driver's license, a person has the right to apply to a specialized institution and obtain a European-style driver's license. What conditions:

  • Ukraine must confirm the registration of the driver in the territory of his native country;
  • The person is obliged to provide a certificate of physical and mental fitness to drive a car

"Under certain conditions, Ukrainian refugees who worked as lorry and bus drivers will be able to get their Ukrainian-issued certificates of professional competence recognized in the EU, following a short training course and a test. This will enable them to work in the EU during the period of temporary protection and to help export Ukrainian goods" European Parliament news portal.

Previously, in order to obtain a European driver's license, a Ukrainian was required to legally reside in the EU for at least 6 months and on the day of the exchange, to have an international translation of his documents with him.

5 days after registration in the Official Journal of the EU, the new system for the use and exchange of driving licenses will come into force.


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