The First IT-Apiary Is Being Built in Ukraine 

by Olha Povalaieva
Thursday, January 26, 2023
The First IT-Apiary Is Being Built in Ukraine 

Ukrainian and Polish developers implement the project near Kyiv

Ukraine is one of the places where people are interested in beekeeping and building the largest apiaries. Therefore, IT developers from the Ukrainian-Polish project AmoHive decided to open in Ukraine the first apiary equipped with modern technologies.

Each apiary will be equipped with cameras inside so that scientists can learn more about bees and how to build their lives better. Special sensors will also be installed to study bee disease, control the climate inside the hive, and even pollinate needs. The developers believe that the creation of an IT apiary will help not only to study the life of insects but also to carry out lessons for children, to expand the spheres of influence of IT, and create new jobs. According to one of the developers, Ihor Kurdin, with such a project Ukrainian specialists will be able to realize themselves in Data Science, creative spheres, electronics, and programming.

The project is being implemented near the Ukrainian capital. Later, the founders of the project plan to create a hive, which will be controlled by artificial intelligence.

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