Ukraine Recaptured 4 Villages in the Kherson Region

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 29, 2022
Ukraine Recaptured 4 Villages in the Kherson Region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through the second line of defence of the Russian invaders near Kherson

Quickly and surely, Ukraine is reclaiming its own — Kherson. This morning, the Ukrainian army recaptured the first line of defence of the invaders near Kherson. An hour ago — the second. The Armed Forces of Ukraine recaptured 4 villages: Nova Dmytrivka, Arkhanhel's'ke, Tomyna Balka and Pravdyne. Military sources have already confirmed the information at CNN. The military command of the army of Ukraine declares categorically: our goal is Kherson.

"The operation began at night with massive shelling of Russian positions and the rear," a CNN military source who was not named for security reasons.

"The main direction of the attack was on Pravdyne. We hit their infantry from the DNR (Donetsk People's Republic) and LNR (Luhansk People's Republic), and they fled. The Russian landing force fled after them," the source continues.

"We have now liberated four villages. Their first line of defence has been broken through in three places," the military source.

"Many of them were killed and captured, and a lot of [Russian] military vehicles [were destroyed],"  the military source.

"We'll see how it goes from here. Our target is Kherson," confirms a military source.

Glory to Ukraine!

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