The First Ukraine-EU-NATO Trilateral Meeting

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
The First Ukraine-EU-NATO Trilateral Meeting

On February 21, NATO headquarters discussed the issue of accelerated supply of ammunition/weapons and training of Ukrainian pilots

Today, the first tripartite Ukraine-EU-NATO meeting was held in Brussels, where representatives of each side were the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, Jens Stoltenberg and Josep Borrell.

Ukraine is under Russian terrorist fire every day, people are dying on whose land the invaders came unprovoked. This can only be stopped by force, so today Kuleba proposed the creation of a "coordinating mechanism for speeding up the production, procurement and delivery of shells, parts and weapons for Ukraine." For this, specific decisions must be made at the level of manufacturers, buyers and governments of countries. Stoltenberg and Borrell support Kuleba's proposal and soon the first meeting will be convened with those who can ensure the speed and stability of the provision of weapons for the army of defenders of Ukraine.

An important issue is the training of Ukrainian pilots. As Rishi Sunak emphasised during a press conference with Zelenskyy in London, training for the F-16 lasts 3 years. Therefore, it is necessary to start training those Ukrainian pilots with at least 2.5 years of experience in flying fighter jets as soon as possible.

"The tripartite Ukraine-EU-NATO format will work permanently. Of course, until the moment when Ukraine becomes a member of the EU and NATO. This too will definitely happen," Dmytro Kuleba.

The minister devoted the last week to foreign trips to strengthen international agreements on the security of Ukraine.

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