Best Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for 31 Years of Independence

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, February 18, 2023
Best Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for 31 Years of Independence

On February 17-18, Kuleba met with representatives of the USA, NATO, G7, Rheinmetall, USA, Iraq, Pakistan, Brazil and China

Foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba held diplomatic talks with Antony Blinken and Jens Stoltenberg on how to approach a secure present and future of Ukraine and thanked them for supporting Ukraine and stimulating allies to stand with Ukraine.

"We are determined to speed up the delivery of military aid. We also coordinated our joint work on mobilizing support for upcoming UN votes. I reiterated my call on the US to begin training Ukrainian pilots on F-16s," Kuleba on talks with Blinken.

“Today, Jens Stoltenberg and I discussed what more NATO can do in the near future to strengthen security assistance for Ukraine. I am confident that NATO allies will double efforts to increase the production of weapons and ammunition to support Ukraine and replenish their stocks."

On February 18, the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine took part in the G7 ministerial meeting. Dmitry Kuleba managed to discuss with the Japanese minister of foreign affairs Hayashi Yoshimasa. We remind you that Ukraine recognized the Kuril islands as part of Japan, occupied by Russia. The parties discussed strengthening sanctions against the aggressor country.

"Russia must realize we won't tire of countering its aggression."

Kuleba also held talks with China State Councilor Wang Yi, Brazilian MFA Mauro Vieira, Iraqi MFA Fuad Hussein. The parties agreed on the need to implement the Peace Formula, the fundamentality and sacredness of the UN Charter principle, as well as strengthening cooperation between states.

Also, minister Kuleba held talks with Armin Papperger CEO Rheinmetall "to focus on ways to increase production for Ukraine and allies. We also discussed large projects to boost Ukraine's tank and armoured vehicle capabilities, both short-term and long-term. Rheinmetall is ready to ramp up engagement."

Dmitry Kuleba also took part in the Munich Security Conference.

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