The First Ukrainian Passenger Train Arrived in Kherson

On November 19, residents of Kherson met on the platform of the first “Ukrzaliznytsya” train from Kyiv after the de-occupation
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Ukrainians are blooming with happiness. Today, citizens with flowers and flags met the first Ukrainian train at the Kherson railway station

Even those who were not expecting anyone on this train came simply because, after months of Russian occupation and the destruction of everything Ukrainian, the Ukrainian train is a powerful and sensual event. This strengthens the belief in victory.

One of the passengers brought to Kherson "Kyiv cake" — one of the traditional symbols of Kyiv. This cake is an indispensable treat for everyone who arrives in Kyiv or leaves it.

The train left Kyiv on November 18 at 22:14. The train brought 200 passengers who bought "tickets to victory". Ukrainian artists paint the carriages of the train: 1 of the carriages is dedicated to Kherson.

Today, backup power and Starlink are operating at the Kherson railway station. No more Russian misery. 

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