The First Victims of the Russian Chemical Attack

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 12, 2022
The First Victims of the Russian Chemical Attack

Andrii Biletskyy, commander of the "Azov" regiment, commented on the chemical attack on citizens and military groups in Mariupol

A few hours ago, the occupiers used chemical weapons against Mariupol to defeat the defenders of Ukraine and the Azov.

"Several hours ago, the Russians struck with chemical weapons at the Azovstal plant, the fortress of Ukrainian soldiers, the fortress of the Azovs," commander Biletskyy.

We would like to note that the representative of the so-called Donetsk National Republic called Ukrainian defenders "enemies who need to be removed from combat positions with chemical weapons."

In an operative video message, Andrii Biletskyy said that as a result of the chemical attack by the Russians, according to preliminary data, 3 people were injured. They have clear signs of warfare poisoning. Data on the remaining victims and their condition are currently being established.

"And if we talk about the moral side, it tells us only one thing: the cowardice of the Russians. How did chemical weapons come about? Chemical weapons as a mass phenomenon appeared in response to the deadlock, the trench horror of World War I. To get out of this impasse and move forward, they began to use such non-selective, inhuman, inhumane weapons — chemicals. And it spoke then only of the despair of the military leadership of all the countries that fought. What does the use of these weapons by Russians mean now? They understand that it will spread around the world. The whole world learns that they are terrorists who have violated a huge number of conventions. This means that they cannot take Mariupol. They can't take the Azovs, and they can't take the Ukrainian defenders. And because of this, they despair, and they have no choice but to use selective prohibited weapons in World War I. They think they are showing strength, but in reality, they are showing weakness."

Glory to Ukraine! 

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