The Government of Ukraine Approves Changes to the List of Roads

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 24, 2021
The Government of Ukraine Approves Changes to the List of Roads

The cabinet of ministers has approved changes to the list of roads that will connect the east and west of Ukraine

This was stated by the prime minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal during a regular meeting of the government.

"The geography of quality roads and new infrastructure" rel="dofollow">projects is constantly expanding. Among the biggest projects this year — Road of Unity, M-30 "Stryi - Izvarine", which will connect the east and west of Ukraine with a modern route," said the prime minister and added that the facility is already undergoing large-scale work.

Denys Shmygal also noted that the government pays considerable attention to the improvement and renewal of railway rolling stock. Thus, the cabinet of ministers approved the procedure for using funds from the state budget for the renewal of rolling stock for passenger transportation and modernization of railway infrastructure.

"In fact, during the entire period of independence, no funds were allocated from the state budget for the renovation of passenger cars, so this project will be unprecedented. I hope that every year the number of old Soviet cars will become less and less," said the prime minister.
According to the law of Ukraine On motor roads, a highway is a linear complex engineering structure, designed for continuous, safe, and convenient movement of vehicles.

The network of public roads of Ukraine includes 169.4 thousand km of roads. That's a lot less than in developed countries, in particular in the EU.

Roads differ in the road surface. As stated in the law of Ukraine On highways, the road surface is the strengthened top layers of the road accepting loading from vehicles. All roads are divided into paved roads — 165,820 km or 97,89% of the total length of roads and soil — 3,675 km. Paved roads are divided into cement-concrete, asphalt concrete, black highways, white crushed stone, gravel, cobblestones.

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