The Heart Has Been Frozen and Saved from a Stroke

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
The Heart Has Been Frozen and Saved from a Stroke

For the first time, a method of treating atrial fibrillation was applied in Lviv

Doctors of the First territorial medical association of Lviv performed a unique operation to freeze certain areas of the heart muscle, which provoked severe flickering arrhythmia.

The patient was a resident of Lviv at the age of 62, who had suffered from arrhythmia for almost four years.

The situation was significantly complicated because the patient could not take blood-thinning drugs since he had only one kidney.

In fact, in the short term, the man was inevitably threatened with a stroke since the attacks of arrhythmias were repeated several times a day.

The people do not trust and are afraid of why Ukrainians die of cardiovascular diseases.

As reported, to neutralize the affected areas of the heart muscle, the patient was injected with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of 60 degrees.

The territorial medical association director said that almost 800 thousand people suffer from blinking arrhythmia.

“Previously, they did not have a chance to recover because the disease cannot be treated with medication: drugs only thin the blood to minimize the occurrence of a blood clot,” the surgeon noted.

According to him, the method of freezing or cryoablation makes it possible to freeze areas of the atrium so that they do not pass chaotic impulses into the heart. The chances of recovering from such an intervention are 90%.

A little later, the cryoablation procedure was performed in two more patients.

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