The Highest Paying Vacancies in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 13, 2021
The Highest Paying Vacancies in Ukraine

Ukraine is developing, and every year the most in-demand specialists receive higher salaries

The highest average salary in Ukraine is received by information directors, i.e., people who are responsible for the information system of enterprises. A specialist in this field can receive a salary of $3.718.This information is taken from the large personnel portal of Ukraine. Note that in Kyiv, according to the same portal, the average salary is only $650, and, for example, in Zaporizhzhia—$500. 

Across the country, the average salary is considered to be $530. The highest is $900 and the lowest is $300.

So who in Ukraine earns the most?

  • Information Director—$3.718;
  • Net Programmer—$2.677;
  • C ++ programmer—$2.417;
  • Ruby on Rails programmer—$2.324;
  • Java programmer—$2.231;
  • Angular Developer—$1.952;
  • Full-stack programmer—$1.859;
  • Mobile application developer—$1.859;
  • The head of the IT department is $1.859.

The amount of salaries in Ukraine, as in any other country, depends not only on the field of activity but also on the place of work. Thus, people working in the capital have a fairly high income, while in small towns salaries can be several times lower.


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