The Law on National Minorities in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 15, 2022
The Law on National Minorities in Ukraine

Parliament has signed a law making all the people of the country equal

324 people's deputies of Ukraine have adopted a decision on national minorities in the country. They removed the old law concerning the community and gave them new rights. Recall that to make a decision, it is necessary to collect 226 identical votes. However, Ukrainian politicians are ready to discard the habits of the USSR and to act modern about the people's unusual brunches.

Thus, on December 13, the political authorities gave the national communities new freedoms and rights. The new law guarantees Ukrainian citizens the right to self-identification, freedom of public association, and peaceful assembly. All people, including national minorities, have the right to freedom of expression and belief, religion, speech, conscience, etc. The document states that all citizens of the country have the right to participate in political, economic, and social life. The Ukrainian parliament was also concerned about the persistence of the roots of small communities. Thus, the language of national minorities may be used in Ukraine: the language of national minorities may be taught, and the cultural identity of the national community may be preserved.

This underlines that Ukrainian state policy in the sphere of protection of human rights and freedoms works at the right level.

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