The Lungs of the Earth are not Only Forests, but Also Peat Bogs

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 11, 2021
The Lungs of the Earth are not Only Forests, but Also Peat Bogs

According to the State geological service of Ukraine, the central peat reserves locates in the following regions:

  • Volyn 21%;
  • Rivne 18%;
  • Chernihiv 12%;
  • Kyiv 11%;
  • Lviv 6%;
  • Khmelnitsky 6%;
  • Sumy 5%;
  • Zhytomyrs 4%;
  • The rest of the regions — 4%.

There are 199 promising peat deposits with an area of ​​111.296 hectares, with balance reserves of peat of 244.115 thousand tons, off-balance funds — 57.199 thousand tons. By the report On the integrated use of peat deposits in Ukraine, agriculture uses 772.2 thousand hectares of peat deposits, of which 280.6 thousand hectares are drained farmland, and the rest of the area occupied by unproductive mowing meadows, pastures, swamps, and bushes. Peatlands, active and drained, are a lucrative area for starting a business. Next, I will tell you how to make money on it.

There is an opportunity to carry out a complex of reclamation and rehabilitation measures on dried peatlands: alkalization, planting forests, creating a cascade of ponds for fish farming, organizing hunting farms, laying berry plantations (large-fruited cranberries, Canadian blueberries), creating collections of bioenergy crops (willow, miscanthus).

The use of peat as an organic fertilizer will make it possible to compensate for the loss of humus on arable lands with intensive farming anddeir yield and the quality of agricultural products.

Effective methods of using peat:

  • Preparation of soils and fertilizers for growing farm products;
  • Composting agricultural waste;
  • Localization and elimination of emissions of oil products and other types of soil and water pollution;
  • The use of depleted peatlands as treatment facilities for small settlements.
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