The Meeting of CiC of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, May 1, 2023
The Meeting of CiC of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO

Valery Zaluzhny and the commander-in-chief of NATO and US Armed Forces in Europe discussed further steps in the confrontation with Russia

"Held an enlarged meeting with the Supreme Commander of the United AF of NATO in Europe – commander of the US AF in Europe general Christopher Gerard Cavoli," the commander-in-chief of the AF of Ukraine wrote on Twitter.

During the meeting, many issues were discussed, including NATO receiving an account of what was happening on the front line. The generals also considered new strikes and threats from the Kremlin. As a result of the work, the Ukrainian army has a plan of action in case of the realization of various plans of the aggressor. Arms transfers became an essential aspect of the discussion. Ukraine reported that it was necessary to speed up or ensure the timeliness of transfers. The presence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the necessary weapons disrupts the preparation and reinforcement of Russian offensives. NATO was also warned of the need for air defence systems. Recall that recently the Russian army committed a series of horrific night-time bombings with hard-to-detect missiles.

At the end of the meeting, Christopher Cavoli and Valerii Zaluzhnyi agreed to deepen cooperation to strengthen the Ukrainian defence force.

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