The Netherlands to Supply Ukraine with €350 Million Worth of 152-mm Shells

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, June 14, 2024
The Netherlands to Supply Ukraine with €350 Million Worth of 152-mm Shells

The Netherlands has announced a significant contribution to Ukraine’s defense efforts, with a commitment to supply 152-mm artillery shells valued at over €350 million

This aid will be allocated from the International Fund for Support of Ukraine (IFU).

Key Details of the Announcement

  • Aid Allocation:

    • The Netherlands will supply 152-mm artillery shells worth more than €350 million.
    • The funding comes from the International Fund for Support of Ukraine (IFU).
  • Security Measures:

    • The exact quantity of shells and the delivery schedule remain undisclosed for security reasons.
    • This order represents one of the largest IFU procurements from the international arms industry.
  • Artillery Compatibility:

    • Ukraine has previously received mainly 155-mm howitzer shells but also operates many 152-mm guns, making this shipment crucial for its artillery capabilities.

Additional Military Support

In addition to the artillery shells, the Netherlands is also involved in other significant military support initiatives for Ukraine:

  • F-16 Fighter Jets:

    • The first delivery of F-16 fighters to Ukraine is expected after the summer.
    • Ukrainian military personnel are currently undergoing training in the USA and Denmark.
    • The Netherlands plans to deliver a total of 24 F-16 fighters.
  • Patriot Air Defense System:

    • The Netherlands will contribute to the Patriot battery project for Ukraine by providing the AN/MPQ-53/65 radar and three launchers.
    • Ongoing negotiations with partners aim to restock a full Patriot battery.


This substantial aid package underscores the Netherlands' commitment to supporting Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict. The provision of 152-mm artillery shells, along with advanced fighter jets and air defense systems, significantly enhances Ukraine's defensive capabilities. This aid is a testament to the strong international support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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