The New Batch of Weapons, Shells and Winter Equipment to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 22, 2022
The New Batch of Weapons, Shells and Winter Equipment to Ukraine

The Federal Government of Germany announces the shipment to Ukraine of heavy weapons with ammunition and winter clothing for Ukrainian soldiers

The website of the FG of Germany reported that the amount of licenses issued by Germany for the transfer of military goods to Ukraine is €796.812.445.

Now Germany has announced the sale of a new batch of aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

  • 5 armoured recovery vehicles;
  • 7 heavy and medium bridge systems;
  • 167.000 cartridges for firearms;
  • 100 tents;
  • 183 generators;
  • 5 engineering armoured vehicles;
  • 35 trucks 8x8;
  • 116.000 winter jackets, 80.000 winter pants, 240.000 winter hats, 4.000 sleeping bags

The government also confirmed the transfer of Iris-T anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine, some of which are already operating on the Ukrainian front.

"The Federal Government supports the Ukrainian military in close coordination with its partners and allies. This list provides an overview of lethal and non-lethal German military support for Ukraine," the German FG. It is reported that the supply of military items to Ukraine is carried out at the expense of the German government to build security capacity.

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