The Occupiers to Connect the Ukrainian Wind Station to the Crimean Network

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 7, 2022
The Occupiers to Connect the Ukrainian Wind Station to the Crimean Network

On the territory of occupied Kherson, the Russians are working on joining the wind farm to the energy structure of the annexed peninsula

The wind power system of Kherson, which is operational, although badly damaged by Russian shelling, is in danger. The occupiers are looking for a way to hack the infrastructure and connect the station to the Crimean network.

"The issue is already being considered in the Kherson region. The Russians want to join our operating wind power plants to Crimea. I don't know how it will end, but our experts do not go to work to block such a possibility," Andrii Konechenkov, head of the Ukrainian wind energy association.

85% of wind generation centers are located in the territory currently occupied by the Russians. Due to the threat to the station and engineers, their work had to be stopped. And now the Russians are trying to take advantage of this.

"We have already lost five turbines. Among them is one turbine of Sivashenergoprom, which was shot at. 4 more turbines of the WindKraft company were damaged. Unfortunately, our specialists cannot enter the territory because there is shelling or they are not allowed there," Konechenkov.

Amendments to the Tokmak Solar Energy solar power plant in the Zaporizhzhia region: as reported by the plant's owner, the equipment for 40 MW of the initial 65 MW is still working.

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