The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted a Law on Extradition

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted a Law on Extradition

305 parlamentarier voted for Ukraine's accession to the Convention on extradition

The Convention on extradition was concluded in Montevideo on December 26, 1933. But Ukraine joined just now. On 18 October 2022, deputies voted to join the Convention. According to this decision, it will be possible to formally extradite to a foreign state a person who has violated the laws of that State. Also, Kyiv will be able to request from the states that are members of the international treaty people who have violated the law in Ukraine. 

"This will create legal grounds for cooperation with the competent authorities of the participating States in the extradition for prosecution or execution of a sentence of persons who, trying to evade responsibility for crimes committed, hide in the territory of one of them," the parliament of Ukraine.

It is noted that the attorney general's office will conduct pre-trial investigations. This public authority will draw up and receive requests for extradition. The Ministry of justice of Ukraine will participate in the sentence trial and execution.

However, Kyiv has now reserved the right:

  • Not to extradite citizens of Ukraine to another State;
  • Refuse extradition of the offender.

The second reservation concerned cases where the office of the prosecutor general found evidence that extradition was contrary to the national security interests of Ukraine.

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