The Poles Held a Referendum on the Transfer of the Russian Embassy to the Ownership of Warsaw

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 16, 2022
The Poles Held a Referendum on the Transfer of the Russian Embassy to the Ownership of Warsaw

In response to the Russian referendums in Ukraine, an event simulating a vote for "exile of Russia" was held in Warsaw

At the end of September, the Russian Federation held criminal referendums in Ukraine and announced the referendum's results convenient for Putin. In response to such a crime, Polish residents proposed to annex the territory of the Russian embassy in Warsaw to the city. The people of Poland organized an event to show how referendums should be held. The organizers note that more people have come to imitate the voting than Russian pseudo referendums all the time. Among the organizers of the referendum is a Ukrainian, Natalia Panchenko. She has been fighting for the freedom of Ukraine from the Russian Federation since 2013.

The referendum was attended by Poles, Ukrainians, and citizens of other countries who have taken or rest in Poland. People have created a big queue to tell their authorities and Russia that they do not want to see the aggressor country's embassy in Poland. Those wishing to vote answered the question in the ballot: "Do you agree that the Russian embassy building will join Warsaw" and "Do you support the annexation of the building and the adjacent territory of the embassy of the Russian Federation and their transfer to the Polish authorities for the establishment of a permanent centre of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation there?". The simulation of the referendum gathered 8 million 640.000 votes. The organizers of the referendum joke that more people came to this referendum than to all the pseudo-referendums organized by the Kremlin puppets in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Czechs, Dutch and Canadians have already held the same referendums.

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