The Poles Organised an Unforgettable Victory Day for the Russians

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 9, 2023
The Poles Organised an Unforgettable Victory Day for the Russians

They woke up the Russian ambassador with sirens at 6a. m. and forced him to walk through bloody graves of people and cities killed by Russia

Today, civilised countries celebrate Europe Day. And Russia — the Day of victory. It is noteworthy that on this day, Russia again bombed Kyiv and other major cities of Ukraine with missiles and drones.

Our brothers, by a spirit in Poland, organised an unforgettable holiday for the Russians. At 6 a.m., when Ukrainians were hiding in bomb shelters because of Russian missiles, the Poles woke up the employees of the Russian embassy with the loud sounds of air sirens, explosions and bombings. It is notable that not only ambassadors but also their families work and live in this residence.

The Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreev, put a colorado orange-black ribbon on his head and went to pay his respects to the Soviet soldiers who died in World War II. However, a surprise awaited the ambassador here: Ukrainian flags and models of destroyed buildings symbolising Ukrainian towns and cities were placed on the graves. The names of Ukrainians killed by Russia in 2014-2023 are written on some graves. Some graves were covered with red paint, which symbolises blood. Activists later doused Andreev with this paint when he tried to break into the cemetery. The ambassador was not allowed to go to the graves, but he did not return to the embassy empty-handed — he returned with a life lesson.

"The ambassador of the terrorist country, going to lay flowers at the monument, will be forced to walk through the symbolic streets of destroyed Mariupol, Bucha, Irpin, and Kherson. He will be forced to walk through the blood and graves of Ukrainians. The activists left him no other choice," Viktoria Pogrebnyak, the activist.

In memory of all the Poles who were killed by the Soviet meat grinder and the Ukrainians, they are killing today.

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