The Population of Kyiv Is Approaching the Pre-War Level

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 2, 2023
The Population of Kyiv Is Approaching the Pre-War Level

Current 3.6 million compared to 3.9 in February 2022

Dmytro Bilotserkovets, the adviser to the mayor of Kyiv, said that more and more Ukrainians trust the air defence over the capital and are returning home. Before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, 3.9 people lived in Kyiv. In March 2022, that is, a week after the Russian attack, only 1.3 people remained in the capital. In April 2022, the first citizens began to return, and the population already amounted to approximately 1.5 million.

Today, in May 2023, 3.6 million people live in Kyiv. It should be taken into account that the 300.000 who have not yet returned also include foreigners who have lived in Kyiv in recent years and have a business and real estate here. A

"The most important positive is that economic activity is increasing. More businesses are starting to work, more — the service sector. We all understand that this is necessary so that we have taxes that we need to spend, first of all on our national security," Dmytro Bilotserkovets.

In total, 7 million Ukrainians live abroad today.

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