7 Million Ukrainian Refugees Abroad

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, April 29, 2023
7 Million Ukrainian Refugees Abroad

The government of Ukraine is taking steps to create a prosperous economic environment before the returning of our population home

On April 27, at a meeting of the Committee for economic development, Borys Prikhodko raised the issue of strengthening the economy and restoring the labour potential of Ukraine.

As a result of the Russian attack, 7 million Ukrainians left the country. Most of them are mothers who took their children away from the war and the prospect of dying under the rubble. 70% of our refugees have higher education.

“Our task, as representatives of the authorities, is to return them home, providing a high standard of living, giving everyone a job, labour and social rights,” Borys Prikhodko, member of the Committee on ER issues.

To restore the economy to at least pre-war levels, Ukraine will need an average of 10 years. To do this, we need our able-bodied educated population and foreign investment.

According to the Plan for the recovery of Ukraine from the consequences of the war, the main points for the recovery of the Ukrainian economy are: access to the EU and G7 markets, national security, macro-financial stability, human capital, reform of key sectors and infrastructure development.

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