394 Days of War 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 24, 2023
394 Days of War 

Total enemy combat losses since February 24, 2022, will reach 170.000 today

This week, the general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces confirmed information about active preparations for the liberation of the occupied territories. In the Donetsk and Luhansk directions, the situation remains unchanged. However, ISW reports that the Ukrainian army is moving to an offensive operation in the Zaporizhzhia region. Analysts of the American Institute of War Studies speak about the success of the Ukrainian operation. They are based on reports from the Russian armed forces, which reported the Ukrainian offensive in the last two days. Now the Ukrainian defenders control about half of the village 53 km southeast of Zaporizhzhia. Previously, this zone was considered controversial.

In turn, Russia does not change tactics and its loss on the battlefield compensates with new strikes on residential buildings. On March 22, the Russian occupiers launched a missile attack on a multi-story building in Zaporizhzhia – there were dead, some seriously wounded.

At the same time, the Russian offensive in Bakhmut is weakening, but the occupiers trying to advance in the region of Avdiivka, Donetsk region. However, the Ukrainian army continues to hold the offensive. In the last 24 hours, the Ukrainian armed forces eliminated 1.020 Russian servicemen. Thus the losses of the Kremlin since February 24, 2022, were:

  • 169.170 — personnel;
  • 3.574— tanks;
  • 6.921 — armoured personnel vehicle;
  • 2.616/511 — artillery systems/MRS;
  • 276 — anti-aircraft warfare systems;
  • 305/290 — aircraft/helicopters;
  • 2.207 — UAV operational-tactical level;
  • 911 — cruise missiles;
  • 18 — warship/boats;
  • 5.464 — vehicles, fuel tanks;
  • 277 — special equipment.

Ukraine will win, and all the world knows that. Therefore, the ICC opens an office in Kyiv, and the prime minister of Japan expressed confidence in Ukraine’s victory and confirmed this with a personal visit.

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