The Prosperity of the Ukrainian Information Technology Business

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 8, 2022
The Prosperity of the Ukrainian Information Technology Business

IT business in Ukraine is trendy, as Ukraine provides perfect conditions for doing business

Ukraine has a well-developed infrastructure for conducting business, clear law, low taxes, and living conditions close to European at a relatively low price. 

Ukraine attracts foreign investments by establishing joint ventures with Ukrainian partners and providing favorable conditions for opening/relocating 100% foreign companies. Ukraine has established itself as an attractive country for foreign investors.

Ukraine is a source of talent and a vast hub for IT companies. The Ukrainian IT workforce is one of the most skilled in Eastern Europe. At the same time, Ukraine itself has become an outsourcing destination that can give companies access to Ukrainian developers at competitive prices.

For many years Ukraine was known to be one of the biggest suppliers of high-tech components used worldwide. Over time, this country has become a home for numerous IT companies. Currently, Ukrainian IT is one of the most booming sectors of business.

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