The Russians Killed and Injured 22.607 Ukrainian Civilians

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 5, 2023
The Russians Killed and Injured 22.607 Ukrainian Civilians

The UN Human Rights Monitoring mission revealed the preliminary numbers of people killed, wounded, and the methods by which Russia kills people in Ukraine

The office of the high commissioner for human rights UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine released a March report that reveals the initial numbers of people killed and wounded in the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine. In addition to the number and geographic location of victims, the report includes the weapon used to kill and injure people. It should be understood that the report covers only the data available today. Full information will be available after the complete de-occupation of the state.

From February 24, 2022 to April 2, Russians and mercenaries killed 8.451 and wounded 14.156 in Ukraine. The incidents include territories under the control of the Ukrainian government and not yet under Ukrainian control. In accordance:

Incidents in the territories of Ukraine subordinated to the Ukrainian leadership:

  • Donetsk/Luhansk regions: 3.903 dead and 5.455 wounded = 9.358 victims;
  • Other regions: 2.664 killed and 6.158 wounded = 8.822 victims;

4.427 tragedies (1.884 killed and 2.543 injured) occurred in the territories of Ukraine temporarily occupied by Russian terrorists. In accordance:

  • Donetsk/Luhansk regions: 642 killed and 2.299 = 2.941 victims;
  • Other regions: 1.242 killed and 244 wounded = 1.486 victims.

Children: wounded 421 boys and 296 girls. Killed: 265 boys and 205 girls.

Statistics on Russian weapons that have killed or wounded:

  • Explosive weapons with a wide impact zone: 6.973 killed, 13.417 injured;
  • Mines and explosive remnants of war: 260 killed, 498 injured.

A separate group of tragedies, according to the UN Report "Incidents in which civilians were wounded by small arms and light weapons, including as a result of crossfire, sniper fire, incidents of excessive use of force (incidents during which the army opened fire on civilians, perceiving them as a threat) and intentional killings as well as the result of beatings, life injuries and traffic accidents for participating in military vehicles or civilian vehicles around 40 driven by the military in the combat zone." Under these conditions, 1.218 people were killed and another 241 were wounded.

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