The Russians Continue to Kill Women and Children

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, March 5, 2022
The Russians Continue to Kill Women and Children

The occupiers are preventing residents of hot spots from being evacuated

After the second round of talks between the representatives of Ukraine and Russia, it was decided to establish humanitarian corridors. But as it became clear the next day, the Russian military is not going to adhere to these agreements.

On the night of 4-5 March, the occupiers blew up railway track in the Kyiv region. The explosion was directed to the tracks in Irene, where the Russians are now leveling the ground, leaving no one alive. Now girls, elderly people, and children cannot be evacuated directly.

In addition, there are new victims in Bucha. A journalist from a British television station Sky News reported on the war but was wounded by the Russian army.

"Now the journalist is out of danger," reported on the official telegram of the TSN channel.

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