The Russians to Do It

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 21, 2022
The Russians to Do It

Several cases of smuggling from the USA to Russia were recorded

The Washington Post reported that the US justice Ministry has brought charges against Russians. 5 citizens of the RF have been rejected from implementing the sanctions. The smugglers managed to get oil and military technologies to Russia.

Tymofii Teliehin and Serhii Tuliakov are the owners of Russian companies that have been sanctioned. Despite the law, the Russians, through their companies, received supplies and were also suspected of schemes with money laundering and conspiracy to deceive America. 2 Russian citizens, Yurii Orekhov and Svitlana Kuzurhashev, were also detained in Brooklyn. They are accused of purchasing military and dual-use technologies. They bought chips and other details in the United States and delivered them to Russian companies. It is reported that some smuggling buyers serve the aggressor country's defence sector.

Also, Yurii Orekhov and the son of the Russian governor Artem Uss redirected oil from Venezuela. Millions of barrels of oil were allegedly sent to China. But all the companies and transactions that appear in the documentation are fake.

Recording such criminal cases and violations of prohibitions looks strange. Especially after eight months of bragging about sanctions and blaming the US for the war. The Russian "patriots" are confident they will be able to create advanced military technologies themselves. But so far, the Russians are only good at handling only smuggling.

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