The Russians Will Pay Reparations Regardless of Their Will

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 20, 2022
The Russians Will Pay Reparations Regardless of Their Will

Ukraine may try to rebuild the Kharkiv region by confiscation of Russian property

Kharkiv, the first capital of Ukraine, one of the first began to suffer from the hits of the Russian army. The invitation beat the region of reinforced types of weapons without choosing a place. That could be infrastructure, houses, schools, kindergartens, and administrative buildings. In general, the Kharkiv region suffered more than $20 billion, not considering the lost lives of people. The enterprises sustained losses of $600 million, housing civilians — $15 billion, and infrastructure — $6.7 billion. It is impossible to say that this figure is the last one. Even though the Ukrainian military almost liberated the entire region from occupation, the Russians continue to destroy the region with far-range weapons.

So, Russia, in any case, is guilty of paying Ukraine reparations. But for this, you need to go a long way, get a separate court decision, etc. Therefore, experts drew attention to the others, the real and accelerated way of rebuilding the Kharkiv region at the expense of the aggressor.

Russian Roots reports that 1619 founders and ultimate beneficial owners-citizens or residents of Russia and Belarus have a business registered in Kharkiv. Firms cover virtually all industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, commercial, fitness and tourism, legal and security, scientific, medical, IT, and others. Thus Ukraine may impose state sanctions on all companies or permanently deprive Russian and Belarusian businesses of a dozen firms. However, lawyers note that the imposition of sanctions is a lengthy process. So far, only one such project concerning the Russian oligarch has been completed in Ukraine. Therefore, nationalization and confiscation are the most optimal way to get money from the culprit of the Ukrainian disaster.

But even these companies will not be enough to restore normal life to the region entirely. Experts note that the restoration will need even more funds than recorded losses.

"Business is at the end of the line. I do not think that even frozen Russian assets abroad will be enough to restore Kharkiv and compensate all affected," said the Ukrainian entrepreneur Leushkyn.

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