The Shelling of Kharkiv 07.11.2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 11, 2022
The Shelling of Kharkiv 07.11.2022

That night the Russians fired missiles at Kharkiv. Got into a multi-storey building and 2 schools

Today at 00:23, an air raid alarm went off in Kharkiv. At 03:32 was, the first explosion in the city. At 04:46, the siren went off. Residents of Kharkiv say that during this time were 3 explosions.

One of the enemy missiles hit a residential 6-storey building. There are 3 dead and 16 injured, including an 86-year-old woman, who was pulled out from under the rubble at 04:30, is badly injured. The fire department and doctors continue to work at the scene of the tragedy. The utility clears the rubble. Pay attention to the cover of the article: the concrete slab of the allowed house fell right on the bed. With what thoughts do Ukrainians go to bed?

The second rocket fell on a school in the Slobodskyy district of Kharkiv. The third rocket hit the schoolyard in the Osnovyanskyy district of the city. 

For the invaders, Kharkiv is the second most important after Kyiv. But since the Russian army is unable to capture the city, they destroy the local population and urban infrastructure. The shelling of Kharkiv has been happening every day for the last month. And every day, there are victims.

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