The Situation in Ukraine Is Changing: 166-172 Day

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, August 14, 2022
The Situation in Ukraine Is Changing: 166-172 Day

The Russian Federation continues to lose personnel and territories captured in Ukraine. The international community is increasingly breaking with the aggressor

On August 14, the Ministry of defence of Ukraine published an article in which new information is given about the losses of the occupiers. According to the data, the dynamics of losses of the armed forces of the Russian Federation are rapidly increasing. Putin and his entourage paid for 172 days of war:

  • 43.550 dead soldiers;
  • 1864 (+8) tanks;
  • 4126 (+11) armoured vehicles;
  • 980 (+2) artillery;
  • 261 MLRS;
  • 1360 air defence equipment;
  • 233 aircraft;
  • 194 helicopters;
  • 784 unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • 187 cruise missiles;
  • 15 ships (boats);
  • 3039 cars and tankers;
  • 91 specialized equipment.

This means that Russia is rapidly approaching future attempts to freeze the war or will be forced to retreat from Ukrainian territories. For example, according to Military Balance, the aggressor country lost 56.5% of its tanks in the war. But despite the terrible number of personnel casualties, the Russian Federation still has 95.2% of people in reserve.

Also this week, the international community has once again made it clear to Russia that they will lose the war that started in Ukraine anyway:

  • Latvia and Lithuania officially declared Russia a sponsor of terrorism;
  • The meeting of elites in Copenhagen ended with the allocation of a new military tranche for Ukraine and the readiness of other countries to support Zelenskyy and further;
  • Henry Kissinger’s statements on contemporary geopolitics;
  • Closing Europe to Russians.

On the night of 14 August, the armed forces of Ukraine finally destroyed the Antonovsky bridge in the Kherson region and are ready for a more active offensive. This means that Ukraine is changing the situation on the front. 

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