The Trial of the Occupier Who Killed the Ukrainian

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 20, 2022
The Trial of the Occupier Who Killed the Ukrainian

A citizen of Russia who came to Ukraine as part of the Russian army and killed a civilian Ukrainian can go to prison for life

On May 18, a court session was held at which the case of 21-year-old Russian citizen Vadim Shishimarin was considered. Like the rest of his colleagues in the bloody craft, he killed an unarmed Ukrainian for nothing — pensioner Olexandr Shelipov from the village of Chupakhivka. On February 28, that is, on the 4th day of the war, Oleksandr Shelipov was riding a bicycle down the street, Vadim Shishimarin drove past him on a tank and shot a Ukrainian. 2 weeks later, the Russian was taken prisoner.

During the trial, Shishimarin fully admitted his guilt. The prosecutor's office of the city of Kyiv requires a life sentence for the Russian soldier Shishimarin for this crime. The wife of the murdered Oleksandr Shelipov asks to exchange the Russian for Ukrainian soldiers or defenders of Azovstal.

Simultaneously with the meeting on the crime of Shishimarin, in the city of Poltava, a hearing is being held on the case of 2 Russian soldiers who fired on Kharkiv with Grads. War criminals Alexander Bobykin and Alexander Ivanov also pleaded guilty.

The verdict of the court will be announced any day.

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