The UN Has Requirements for the EU Regarding Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 26, 2022
The UN Has Requirements for the EU Regarding Ukraine

The UN should release a report on infrastructure damage in Ukraine

Euractiv reported that the European Union sent the UN a letter regarding Ukraine. On 23 September, a letter was sent to the United Nations demanding the publication of a report on damage to telecommunications infrastructure in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Report due in all seven months. The UN wants to assess the impact of the war in Ukraine on the programs and activities of the International Soybean Company.

Earlier, the International Telecommunication Organization reported that about 3.700 mobile operator base stations in the temporarily occupied and occupied territories were not operational. The International Telecommunication Union warned that Ukraine had recorded a worsening loss of mobile broadband access in 1.297 locations. Russian occupants also destroyed 20 television centres, and more than 50 settlements were left without TV and radio broadcasting due to the shelling of towers and lack of power supply.

It is noted that the EU provided such data in July. This means that the UN has not received an update of information for almost 3 months. Therefore, 46 European Union member states signed the request for a new report.

"In the context of the continuation of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, which is accompanied by targeted attacks on critical telecommunication infrastructure facilities, disruptions in the provision of telecommunication services, and interruptions in the operation of mobile networks, The assessment by ITU of the specific losses and special needs of Ukraine in the field of telecommunications is crucial for the informed decisions of interested delegations regarding their obligations to assist Ukraine. In the light of the above, we would like to express our strong call for the publication of the assessment report and any other document related to the provision of assistance to Ukraine as soon as possible," the EU said in its letter.

Note that for 7 months of the war in Ukraine was fixed 796 cyber attacks on state portals, TV centres, radio, etc.

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