The USA Commented on Attempts by Occupiers to Subdue Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 26, 2022
The USA Commented on Attempts by Occupiers to Subdue Ukrainians

On May 26, the US State Department called forced passportization, pseudo-referendums, and filtering of Ukrainian citizens an attempt by Russia to "impose its will"

Ned Price drew parallels between the forced passportization of Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine (which the Russians mask with the phrase "simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship") and recurrent "fake referendums that are designed to give the appearance of legitimacy to Russian rule over parts of the territory of Ukraine." We remind you that as a result of these pseudo-referenda in favor of the Russian puppets range from 90% to 99%. In legitimate and fair elections, such indicators are simply impossible. The representative of the State Department emphasized that the United States is aware of what is happening in the temporarily occupied territories and the cruelty of the occupiers towards the Ukrainians.

"We saw how Russian forces forcibly removed people from the occupied territory. We saw how Russian troops transported Ukrainians to the so-called filtration camps. We saw Russian troops trying in other ways to subdue the Ukrainian people in these territories," Ned Price.

All Russian manipulations to "conquer Ukrainians" including coercion to obtain Russian citizenship and a painfully humiliating filtering procedure for Ukrainians are called "a thinly disguised step that is part of Russia's attempts to subjugate the people of Ukraine, to impose its will by force."

The Kremlin's lies are obvious, and the actions are so primitive and predictable that one can only be surprised at the optimism of Putin, who still believes in his miserable methods.

Ukraine will win. Glory to Ukraine.

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